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crystal ☆
25 September 2011 @ 06:29 am

junsu-centric & ot5, g, angst
1185 w.

i wrote this crying because of junsu's tweets, so a lot of emotion was probably carried into this. i hope you like because i haven't updated for a long time & i'd really love to hear your opinion on this since it's my first junsu-centric (or member-centric) fic. quotebacks would be lovely c: do tell me if anything is out of place, because this is unbetaed. stay strong; they'll be back one day. happy mirotic day. ♥

junsu contemplates life. 

i wish time would rewind to when we were happy again, he writes on a piece of manuscript. i wish you would come back to me.Collapse )

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crystal ☆

yunho/jaejoong, pg, angst
1110 w.

yunho takes jaejoong's heart away.

i wrote this a long, long time ago and personally i don't think it's really good but i still hope you'll read it, like it and of course, leave a comment because i haven't written anything for such a long time :c thank you for all your support ♥ 

I wonder if he knows that this is what I need every morning.Collapse )
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crystal ☆

yunho/jaejoong, g, romance
559 w. 

jaejoong misses it the first time, and catches it the second.

for omichan92 andpikasu ♥

then a flash of red goes by, disappears past his eyesCollapse )
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listening to: She - Yunho/Changmin
crystal ☆
25 December 2010 @ 09:11 pm
for you part i
yunho/jaejoong; pg; au, romance, fluff, slight angst

it's yunho and jaejoong's seventh christmas together.

for mathildac3 ♥ merry christmas and happy 7th anniversary. it's been difficult but we'll brace everything like we already have. always keep the faith :)
Read more...Collapse )
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listening to: 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 - Jaejoong
crystal ☆
10 December 2010 @ 10:16 pm
a year ago in winter,
yunho/jaejoong, slight ot5; pg; romance, love

yunho thinks jaejoong is his forever.

thank you u_knowiloveyou & omichan92 for editing this for me and pikasu for listening to my ranting & also helping me with the summary, i love you guys ♥

and he thinks if he could keep jaejoong by his side forever, he would.Collapse )
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listening to: 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 - Jaejoong
crystal ☆
i know nobody can ever take your placeCollapse )
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listening to: Still In Love - Jaejoong
crystal ☆
18 September 2010 @ 07:18 pm


and i just don't know what to sayCollapse )

and boys. i still listen to your music, every song that you've sang, all the music you've made, they're still at the top of my playlist. and i know you did your music with so much pride and love and humility and i don't want to see that end, ever, so please just get this shit over and done with so that we can be ALL be happy, alright? just get back up there and show the world how great you are, how amazing you are, how much better you are than almost everyone out there. just come back to us now.

i know this rant is shit but i really do feel that way and it's kinda tiring to see new shit appearing on the net every day when all we're hoping for is a reunion and a comeback as 5. all my wishes lately have been about hoping to see them again and i just.

i just want you back by my side, okay? i just want to see you again. i miss you. i love you. 

i believe in you.

but we all get tired and we all learn to give up slowly as time goes by, so.

okay i'll just stop talking. this is bad for health.

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crystal ☆

a year ago in winter,
yunho/jaejoong, slight ot5; pg; romance, love; 1,014 w. in this part (part three; edited)

after a year, has anything changed between us? (i think not; i still love you as much, maybe even more than before)

a/n: i'm sorry i took such an awfully long time to write this, i've been so tired lately. but i tried really hard to make this happy for you guys :)) ♥ i really took forever to come up with this. oh, and i've finally passed the 1000-word mark, /claps ;; and this is for su_dreams whose birthday is tomorrow! happy birthday bb ♥ i hope you like this.

first part // second part - must read

based on: mnet korea music festival 2008

It was going to be their night if they won; it was going to be their night if they didn’t, they told themselves. But inside, they’re hoping it’ll be the former. Collapse )
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listening to: 時ヲ止メテ - 東方神起
crystal ☆
30 March 2010 @ 12:32 am
toki wo tomete (let's stop time)
yunho/jaejoong, romance
part i.

yunho wishes he can stop time but instead, time rewinds and he's trapped in the past.

a/n: may sound a little weird when reading. it's my first time trying this style out. i know it's a little mental but i was partially inspired by toki wo tomete. comments and concrit are greatly appreciated ♥ please feel free to tell me that i'm crazy for writing this. i wouldn't mind.

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listening to: 時ヲ止メテ - 東方神起
crystal ☆

a year ago in winter,
yunho/jaejoong, slight ot5 mentions; g; romance, love; 562 w. in this part (number of parts unspecified)

after a year, has anything changed between us? (i think not; i still love you as much, maybe even more than before)

wrote this last week but didn't know how to end the entire thing. decided to leave it this way; hope you'll enjoy this. ♥

edit: must read first part before this :)

based on: mnet korea music festival 2008  

Jaejoong plops down onto the bed and curls up in sleep while Yunho sits beside him and strokes his hair, watching Jaejoong’s chest rise and fall, hearing his steady inhaling and exhaling of air. (Jaejoong is his air and oxygen; he can’t breathe when the other isn’t there). He stares at the figure on the mattress, his fingers and the back of his hand trailing invisible curves onto his cheek, Collapse )
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listening to: Break Out! - 東方神起